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How to play Bubble Shooter

The aim of the game is to hit the same color bubbles with the ball and trigger a chain reaction. Players must connect the same color balls to clear the board. To put it simply, if the first line at the top of the board has been cleared, then you've won the game. A colored ball – green, yellow, red, or blue – appears in the lower section of the board to play next. You can move the direction of the arrow with the mouse and therefore determine which direction the ball will be shot. Once you have decided on the direction, you can click on the mouse and shoot the ball at the chosen section of the board. v1 game picture Im unteren Spielbrett ist für den aktuellen Spielzug ein farbiger Ball in Farbe Grün, Gelb, Rot oder Blau abgebildet. If the ball creates a chain of at least three bubbles of the same color, these will pop, and you will be awarded points (see picture). Otherwise, the ball just connects to the target bubble. To move on to the next level, the entire board must be cleared. The bottom menu bar shows your current score and the number of possible misses. If you have more than five misses, an extra line of new bubbles will be added to the top of the board, and the bubbles connected underneath will move down. If the ball is shot into the void, a new line will immediately appear on the board. You can reduce the number of misses by scoring three correct hits in a row. After successfully completing a level, you have the choice of moving on to the next stage of the game with a different difficulty level and additional barriers. The game is over when at least one connected bubble reaches the bottom of the board. During the game, a bonus point will be added after successfully completing the second and fourth levels.

Game tips

If possible, try to hit the bubbles in the upper section. In that way, any lower bubbles that are still connected to ones above will lose their grip and fall on their own. If you score several misses, try to reduce them with three successive hits. If there are only two lines left, no more new lines will be created, even if you have reached five misses.

Tips overview: