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About Bubble Shooter v2

This version has been simplified and is a great introduction to this game of skill. We think by simplifying the game, we can increase the fun factor because the aim of the game can be achieved quickly and easily. Start this game of skill in simplified mode by pressing the (Start new game) button.

How to play

In this version, we have changed the color of the bubbles and will refer to them from now on as beads and elements to differentiate this version from the other "Bubble Shooter" versions we offer. We think you can easily learn the rules of game while playing. Bubble Shooter Version 2 - Picture Nevertheless, we'd like to describe its basic functions. After starting a new game, pearls will appear in four different colors on the board (see picture on the left). The board is divided into nine rows and sixteen offset columns. The colored pearls are mixed up, and some of the same color are connected. At the start of the game, you will get seventy [70] pearls to use on the board during the game. If you connect more than three pearls of the same color, they will disappear from the board. You can also separate an entire string from the upper section with just one pearl. If you have used up all the available elements and the board still contains pearls, you have lost the game and will have to start over. Otherwise, you will advance to the next level, but with a smaller number of available pearls. As a result, the game becomes more and more difficult after completing each level, because fewer and fewer pearls are available when you advance through this game of skill.


We do not want to publish any extensive tips for this game, but we think you should use the available pearls sparingly. If possible, try to break as many pearl chains as possible and separate them from a string with a single shot.