About us

In this section, we'd like to say a little bit about ourselves. This bubbleshooter.eu website was our first project programming an "HTML 5 Canvas" game in 2017. We had to overcome a few hurdles at the first attempt, especially in terms of browser compatibility and quality. We would also like to mention that we created the Bubble Shooter game versions based on the lessons described in the book "Build an HTML5 Game" and expanded them with our own features. However, in this first project, we have dispensed with backwards compatibility for different browsers. If you want to play this game with us, your browser should support the "HTML Canvas" element. We have set out the rules of the game as much as possible on our websites, although we think that the rules and the game strategy can also be explored while playing the game and therefore a detailed description is not necessary. We hope that, as a user, you enjoy our website and would be delighted if you recommend this game on social media and in internet forums.

We hope you enjoy playing this game of skill. Have fun!